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Piadina is an Italian flat bread from the region of Emilia Romagna in northern Italy. It is a very flat unleavened bread and baked on a hot steel plate (the teglia). The Piadina is used for all kinds of fillings and usually folded to a half moon. It is served cold or from a contact grill (piastra).


Chapatti is an Indian bread which is cooked on a hot Tava (a traditional flat griddle used for cooking many Indian Breads). Made from whole wheat, Chapatti has a long tradition and is used to make meals easier to eat with the hands, by simply tearing and forming into a scoop to pick up the food. It is usually eaten hot, or within a few minutes of cooking.

Naan bread

Naan bread is a traditional Indian bread that is eaten a lot, mainly in the north of India and in Pakistan and Bangladesh. The bread was originally baked in a Tandoor oven, which is a barrel shaped clay oven. Naan bread was originally served as a side dish. It is ideal with Döner Kebab and on many other occasions, i.e. during a barbecue, with a topping and baked as a pizza or rolled up as a snack.


Pitta is an oval-shaped Middle Eastern flat bread. Throughout the Middle East, pittas are served alongside main dishes or used to dip in mezze dishes such as baba ganoush and hummus. It can be cut open from the edge or in two in the middle to form a pocket which can be stuffed with a variety of fillings. If they're warmed for a minute or two in a medium oven they puff up a bit making them easier to cut open.

Greek Pita

The Greeks have been cooking with Greek Pita for centuries. Traditionally Greek Pita is a round flat bread served as a side dish or used to wrap up gyros, souvlaki or other delightful Greek specialities. Nowadays we are discovering the wonders of Greek Pita, how versatile and easy they are, how perfectly they fit our demands for quick-fix meals everyone loves.

Defrosting & Handling Guidelines

  1. Remove case from freezer storage (minus 18°C).
  2. Defrost at chilled temperature (4-7°C) per carton or per pack 12 hours before use or until fully thawed.
  3. Once defrosted, close firmly after opening and keep in a cool place (max 7°C). Use within 7 days.
  4. Do not refreeze after thawing.


Product description per S.U. wght per S.U. S.U. per case cases per euro pallet minimum life
2 Large Plain Naan Breads x 130 g 260 g 12 48 10 mths
1 Medium Plain Naan Bread x 90 90 g 40 48 12 mths
2 Small Plain Naan Breads x 65 g 130 g 64 16 12 mths
6 Large Kebab Pitta Breads x 80 g 480 g 30 25 12 mths
6 Small Pitta Breads x 61 g 364 g 4 25 12 mths
8 Greek Pitas 23,5 cm 760 g 8 60 12 mths
12 Chapattis 20 cm 700 g 8 70 12 mths
10 Piadinas 20 cm 1650 g 8 70 12 mths