Global leader of corn and flour tortilla production worldwide


Proudly Mexican, food chain GRUMA is the global leader of corn and flour tortilla production worldwide, and a leading producer of wheat flour and its derivatives such as flatbreads, wraps, naan, pita bread, chapatti, and pizza bases plus other food products, such as rice, snacks, pastas, condiments and palm hearts.

GRUMA has experienced exceptional growth worldwide with operations in America, Europe, Asia and Oceania with 79 production plants, and a strong presence in 112 countries across the globe, with its global brands, MASECA and MISSION, along with a large selection of local brands such as Guerrero in the U.S., TORTIRICAS and TOSTY in Costa Rica.

Gruma also recently won the World Finance 100 Award.

Gruma in Europe has two divisions:

Mission Foods

Is one of the main producers of tortilla and flatbread in the region and as four plants: two in the United Kingdom, one in Holland and another one in Russia.

We developed the presentation of wraps in this region with the global brand Mission which is at present the number one, fitting it to the taste of each country and to the miscellaneous self-service and foodservice channels.

Also, Mission Foods has promoted the development of varied flatbreads, such as the pita or naan, with which we have become one of the main stakeholders in Europe in this line of business.

Azteca Milling

Azteca Milling Europe has been the pioneer in the business of corn grits. We are the key supplier of this product for the main producers of beer, snacks and cereals (brans) in the region, such as Heineken, Fritolay and Nestle.

We have three facilities in Europe: Italy, Ukraine and Turkey, which fact has allowed our products to go beyond the borders and reach the Middle East and North Africa.