Mission Foods are one of the world's leading flat bread suppliers, manufacturing a quarter of all tortillas throughout the world. We have also expanded to manufacture tortilla chips, wraps, and other specialty breads. We now supply retail, sandwich manufacturers and foodservice sectors.

Mission Europe's vision is to become the leading innovative flat bread company through a mix of organic growth, new markets and channels supported by selective acquisitions.

Our company name describes more than the Mission bell depicted on our logo - it underlines our mission to be the best in the business by being innovative and proactive, pushing the boundaries of product development and manufacture throughout our production and distribution network.

We aim to develop strong business partnerships across manufacturing, foodservice & retail markets. We offer an unbeatable product portfolio that gives Mission clear superiority over it's competitors and underlines our belief in the power of long-lasting partnerships.

Our inspiration comes from the desire to grow - by developing in new markets, with new ideas, in conjunction with our key business partners. We are committed to responding to our client's needs and embracing new approaches whenever practical; in order to develop market-leading food products which will enjoy universal popularity.

At Mission Foods, we pride ourselves on adding value to the service we offer:

  • Through state-of-the-art R&D and on-going investment into improving products and manufacturing methodologies
  • Through an extensive know-how & expertise in recipe support, handling methods & Fast Food concept development
  • Through a large network of contacts on the European market place and worldwide
    Our dedication to, and knowledge of tortilla and flat bread products allows us to tailor-make products to meet even the most exacting customers needs.

Top Quality

All European production facilities have industry recognized accreditation (e.g. EFSIS, HACCP, BRC, AIB, IFS). Dedicated to the highest standards of manufacturing and product quality, and constantly improving both products and processes, Mission Foods ensure that every one of our tortilla, wrap and flat bread products taste authentic and delicious, for the best results with every recipe!

Supply Chain Management

Through expansion of existing capacity and acquisition of new production facilities throughout Europe, Mission Foods are always geared to meet the fast-growing market demand and to guarantee capacity and JIT-delivery. Mission Foods are committed to offer supply chain solutions through high level Supply Chain Management.